About SF Walnuts

I started SFwalnuts.com because the San Francisco Bay Area is the largest, closest urban area to our family farm, and I want folks there to be able to buy farm direct walnuts that are fresher than they can find in the store or elsewhere online from resellers. We already have many satisfied customers in the bay area, and I hope sfwalnuts.com will make it easier for new Northern California customers to find us and our walnuts.

If you’d like a little more about the history of our walnut sales and our family/farm reading on and check out the links I have supplied in the story. If you’d like a short homemade video of me making the basic elevator pitch for why you should buy our walnuts while strolling through my family’s orchard, scroll down to the 40 second video below. If you would like to see a longer, more professional video that my cousin made with my Uncle talking about the history of C&C farms (the name of the farm before my grandfather passed away) and the way we farm walnuts, see the better walnuts story video . One thing he doesn’t mention is that we don’t use pesticides, fungicides, or ripeners and haven’t for over five years now. Herbicide use around the sprinkler heads is down to a single application, and we hope to eliminate it completely next year. My Uncle is not as sold on the always 100% organic thing as I am, but he does care about stewarding the land and never using chemicals that aren’t needed, don’t make financial sense in our situation, and aren’t sustainable, so in practice he basically is an organic grower too… just doesn’t like that label. Also be aware that youtube puts ads for other businesses on our video and we can’t stop them because we don’t have enough subscribers… yet.

Anyway, here’s the story of my involvement in the farm and walnut sales in brief. After moving back to the family farm in Red Bluff, CA in 2022, I started betterwalnuts.com to sell my Uncle John’s walnuts direct to consumer. Along with our on farm produce stand, we hope the walnut sales will help pay for me and the family to keep the farm that my Grandfather bought and lived on from 1950 to his death in 2021. I found that there are many people in the Bay Area who are glad to find and buy our walnuts. We’ve sold to half a dozen produce stands in San Francisco proper, bird shops in San Carlos and SF, several private bulk in shell walnut buyers in the San Jose area, and online customers in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Pacifica, Los Altos Hills, San Bruno, Richmond, Oakland, Mountain View… and many more addresses that aren’t in the last three months of recorded sales I looked through to write that list. The objective of sfwalnuts.com is to raise the visibility of our walnuts in the bay area so that customers are aware that there are high quality walnuts available direct from a Northern California farm at prices below what they are paying for old walnuts in the grocery store or from online nut resellers whose names I won’t mention but my customers tell me sell inferior walnuts.