8Lb In Shell Walnuts | Unbleached | Freshly Harvested 10-7-2023

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These are “IN-SHELL,” meaning you get to crack out the walnuts yourself. We just finished our first Chandler harvest on 10-7-2023 and the walnuts are just about finished drying as I am writing this. I plan to ship out orders starting Wednesday 10-11. These are absolutely the freshest walnuts you can buy. They are the premium Chandler variety, known for light meats and mild walnut flavor or their sister variety, Howard, which has similar meat characteristics, but a slightly lighter colored shell, tighter seal, and rounder shape and is actually even more suited for in-shell sales.

Please note that we don’t use pesticides, fungicides, or ripeners on the trees or walnuts, but we are not yet certified organic. We do hope to obtain that certification in the future. Still, you are receiving a far more natural product than you are typically able to purchase in store.

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