Berkeley In-Shell Walnuts | Walnut Delivery Day

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In Shell Walnuts from our Fall 2023 harvest are coming to Berkeley in our once a year harvest direct pre-order program. This event offers home delivery immediately after our fall harvest at farm direct prices that are below stores or online resellers.

Our walnuts are grown without pesticides, fungicides, and ripeners in our small family orchard in Red Bluff, CA. They are perfect for fresh eating or baking, with a light meat color, easy to crack shells, and a mild “buttery” walnut flavor.

Please note that delivery day will be IN MID to LATE OCTOBER. We will notify you of the projected walnut delivery date in October, once we know our exact harvest date based on the weather and available equipment. You will receive a notification when they are delivered to your door.

YOU MUST PRE-ORDER to receive this pre-order pricing! This is a once a year harvest and home delivery event, and our distribution costs are much higher at other times of year.

You can see more about our walnuts and our business at or call or email me personally at 1 (530) 567-7543 or I know we have some of the best walnuts in the world. My Uncle has 40+ years of experience growing our walnuts, my house is 300 yards from the walnut trees they come from, and I can likely answer any questions you might have.

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