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Freshly harvested and shelled raw English walnut meats. Chandler Light Halves and Pieces fresh from our 2023 Harvest. These are just the walnut meats, and superior to the vast majority of other walnut products available for purchase by retailers. They are packed in a direct to consumer re-sealable heat sealed bag (Check the images/video to see what they look like… very beautiful barrier packaging with superior freshness protection). The total amount and the number/size of is indicated in the options. Please note that you are allowed to check more than one option. If you wish to have us ship walnuts directly as a gift, please indicate in the comments exactly which items you want shipped to which addresses.

Walnut Quality Notes

These walnuts are expected to be at 80+% USDA light grade (premium grade) on average, with at least 95% of the meats being light or light amber. This is a much more premium quality that what is typically available in standard consumer packaged products in the stores. The size of pieces is expected to be a minimum of 20% halves with a target of 70% being pieces between 1 and 1/2 inch screen size and less than 5% being pieces smaller than 1/8 inch screen size. These larger pieces promote better storage potential due to less oxidation opportunities. In terms of color and size, this product is well suited to being used in any cooking, baking, or fresh eating application. It would be similar in size and color to a premium bagged walnut product you might find in an upper scale grocery/supply store.

About Chandler Walnuts and The Designation “Light”

The Chandler variety is noted for its popular, mild flavor and excellent appearance/texture. It is considered a premium variety for baking and fresh eating. The DFA grade “light” is considered the best walnut meat quality designation, which is why we specifically sell Chandler light halves and pieces.

Bulk Walnut Storage

For long term consumer storage, walnuts should be refrigerated at 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit (normal consumer fridge temperature) and protected from light to preserve maximum product quality throughout the year.

If you live in on the East Coast (east of the Mississippi for our shipping purposes), choose this option to order. All prices include free shipping for our walnuts to your home address

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