Fresh Picked Green Walnuts (English Walnuts) | 3lb, 6lb, or 15lb | Available June-August | Please Read Description

NOT sprayed with insecticides, fungicides, or ripeners. Fresh picked by hand immediately prior to shipping.
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Update July 9th: The shells are beginning to harden and the jelly like developing kernels are solidifying. This means that it is too late in the season for some uses of green walnuts. Please verify exactly what stage of green walnuts you need before ordering.

NOT sprayed with anything. No insecticides, fungicides, pesticides, etc. Just fresh picked green walnuts from the same trees that grow our Better Walnuts in shell and light halves and pieces, just picked earlier while they are still green. Customers use them for a variety of culinary uses. In the comments as you order you specify either Hartley or Chandler variety, otherwise we will just pick a variety for you. For green black walnuts, see our green black walnuts product. The stage of development and size of the walnuts will depend on the time of year you order, just like anywhere else you buy green walnuts from. The number of walnuts per pound varies depending on the time of year harvested, but is typically 6-12 nuts.

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